You will remember us best for our amazing people, from our talented bartenders and friendly waitstaff to our experienced event planners and masterful chefs.

Jim Joyce

Jim grew up in New York and in his pre-GP life was an English teacher (I mean, with a name like James Joyce, what other profession is there?!).  He attended culinary school then moved to Portland in 1991 to open Gourmet Productions and is the Executive Chef.  GP Fans recognize Jim from our many YouTube videos, but he keeps it real by playing tennis, the sax and traveling the culinary world with Vicky.


Mandy McLeod

Mandy is a self taught pastry diva.  Jim relies on her fantastic palate on a daily basis.  She delights in making people happy through sweets and enjoys exploring the many flavor possibilities.  Her collection of cookbooks rivals that of a small bookstore.  She especially enjoys teaching her passion for baking to young children.

Vicky Davies

(AKA Beauty and the Brain)  Vicky grew up in Europe where she developed her love of all cuisines and design.  She has quite the eye for detail, which served her well in her pre-GP life, when she was a retail merchandiser for Neiman Marcus.  Vicky is the brain of the operation, running the day to day business.  When she has a free moment she enjoys yoga, a great bottle of champagne and traveling the culinary world with Jim.

Felipe Flores

Felipe grew up in Mexico cooking alongside his mother for family celebrations.  His experience in Oregon has enriched his cooking skills many fold.  While he continues to delve into the local food scene, he also looks for ways to innovate his techniques.  His favorite thing is spending time with his family at the beach, a tasty margarita, and watching a great soccer match.