Rainy Day Wedding? Fear not!

small image copyjpegYou set the date a year ago having consulted all the weather apps and got a green light. Now it is one week out and it’s looking like raindrops are in the forecast. You, being one smart cookie, set a plan to let the day unfold whatever the weather.

While your wedding day mantra might be “rain, rain, go away, come again another day”, a plan for inclement weather is key. It is helpful to sit down with your coordinator, caterer and venue manager to map out the options early on. Pad your budget for extra expenses.

It might be that umbrellas will suffice for the outdoor ceremony. The bonus is a fabulous photo. An overcast sky casts a very even light and helps with squinting, unwanted aviator sunglasses, and shadows.

A tent provides great shade and easily converts to shelter from rapid downpours or daylong drizzle. You’ll want to determine the plan B table layout. A quick fix is to seat everyone at their respective tables while you exchange vows in the center of the relocated dance floor.

Room flips are the most common back up plan. Pre-set tables are placed at the edge of the room. Find a way to divert the crowd for cocktail hour (on a covered porch or under the canopy of giant trees). While they enjoy a cocktail, the staff takes care of the re-set.

Keep centerpieces low and choose lighting that can handle some wind. Invest in some fun rain gear. Be willing to dance in the rain. Years later, you look back at the amazing pics of sweet memories. The camaraderie and laughter weathered the storm and made your day extraordinary.

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