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Summer isn’t far behind us, yet if you are in charge of planning this year’s company party for the holidays, it’s already time to start planning.  This may be a daunting task but get a head start using our company holiday party planning list to guide you and you’ll be able to relax and celebrate the hard work you have done all year long.

Company Holiday Party Planning List

  • Beverages:  Most employees will expect at least beer and wine but several other decisions need to be made around beverages.  Will the bar be host or no-host?  Will you offer a full bar or a specialty cocktail?  A festive specialty cocktail will excite your guests and be a memorable addition to the party.  Will there be a toast?  If so, will it be with a sparkling wine?  Finally, remember the non-alcoholic options!
  • Food: This is one of the biggest decisions you will make!  Let’s face it, people come to these events for the food and drink and the food will be remembered, whether good or bad.  It doesn’t need to be over-the-top to please all palates.  Still, several decisions need to be made surrounding the menu.  What type of meal service do you want (family-style, passed and stationary heavy hors d’oeuvres, plated meal, simple buffet)?  Do any guests have dietary restrictions you need to accommodate? What flavors or types of foods do you want to include? Is there a theme (holiday luau, holiday movies, 1950’s)?
  • Guests: Are you inviting employees only or including a plus one?  What about kids? If kids are invited, consider providing child care, kid-friendly fare and activities.
  • Music: Do you have the budget for a live band?  Will an mp3 device or a computer playlist suffice? Do you want soft dinner music or upbeat dance rhythms? The music will affect the overall vibe of the party!
  • Games/Presents/Prizes: Whether or not you have games or gift exchanges, make sure you at least have some activities to keep guests engaged.  A good rule of thumb is to have some sort of activity every hour.  This could be dinner, dessert, gift exchange, toast, or a roasting of the boss.

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