“Your staff was awesome and the food was tops!  I tried everything, including the kids’ option, and really enjoyed every bite.  Your staff served us appetizers and really kept on top of everything, not to mention the clean-up.  You have a super team.”  -LH

“Everything went perfect!! You guys were the best. You knew exactly what I was envisioning for both evenings!!”  -SP

“We are back from our honeymoon and stil talking about how wonderful everything turned out. You were absolutely fantastic!  We can’t say enough good things about your entire team.  I didn’t worry about anything and knew you were handling it with ease. Your staff was polite and professional (and fun).” -HP

“Everything about your work was incredible.  We had such an amazing evening and worried about nothing.  The staff was exceptionally gracious and our guests couldn’t believe how service oriented everyone was.  What I know about service is that it is the leaders who set the bar and the expectations -you certainly did that.” -LC

“The food was superb and the menu perfect. We also fully enjoyed ourselves, as the two of you made it so easy to pull off a wonderful party.” -BA

“You were so good at looking at ways to taylor the experience and went out of your way to make suggestions.  That was so much appreciated.  -KS

“The food was excellent! I always appreciate your friendly professional service.” -RC

“Wow! Again-Vicky and Jim-the party surpassed expectations. It ROCKED. The food, spirit, service and ambiance were spectacular. Heartfelt thanks for your artistry, your enthusiasm and the gorgeous balsamic!” -JH

“Our event went so smoothly and absolutely as planned.  Your staff was fantastic and as always, the food was divine.  -KC

“Absolutely amazing, so wonderful!  I have so many requests for ‘you’ve got to get me the recipe for…’.  The food was important to us and you succeeded beyond our imagination.” -SB

“What a special way to start my next decade of life-special friends, delicious food, and to be served like a queen! I must admit that I enjoyed being “waited on” for a change.” -CB

“The food was terrific and your presentation and delivery were outstanding. From the very start we felt very comfortable with leaving our reception in your hands.” -TG

“I’m so appreciative of the attention to detail you always provide-I have sometimes felt that you read my mind!” -CQ

“Thanks to your fantastic employees-they were helpful, flexible and absolutely wonderful to work with. So many of our guests have continued to talk about the wonderful food and service. Accolades to you all!” -KS

“What you did for the party sure helped to make it special-from early planning months ago through dessert last Saturday night. Nice work by all of you-and the food was great.” -DF

“Your food is sublime!”
“Thank all of you for doing that evening. It was absolutely wonderful. Everybody was terribly impressed with the food and servers. You really made it so easy and I do want to thank you all very, very much. Believe me, people were amazed at what a nice party it was. It was wonderful.” -SS

“There wasn’t an empty stomach to be found at our recent community reception-thanks to you! Thank you so much, the food was wonderful (as usual)!” -KJ